Blanca is a Kazakh professional assassin, as well as a character in Banana Fish. Though he cares for Ash Lynx, he is a highly effective killer who dutifully carries out any contract he is hired for, he is hired by Yut-Lung to murder Eiji Okumura, but refuses to do so and defects to Ash's gang.

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Blanca wears his long, dark brown hair pulled back in a low ponytail with a beige suit and fedora. He also seems to wear glasses at times.

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He is tall and filled a smile that always makes him feel comfortable.

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Blanca is a former KGB lieutenant who defected from the Soviet Union after his wife, a political dissenter, is murdered.

Prior to the events of the series, he was employed by Golzine to train Ash to become the latter's heir. He subsequently retired to the Caribbean but is called out of retirement by Golzine to capture Ash.

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Ash Lynx He taught him everything he knows about marksmanship, espionage, counter-espionage, etc. Blanca views Ash as family.

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  • (To Ash) "Yes, Honey."
  • “That’s for you to decide for yourself” (when Ash asks him if a book is good)[1]
  • “What’s wrong? You can’t punch me from that far back”
  • “This will be the last time I give you a word of advice”
  • (To Yut-Lung) "As you wish, young sir."

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  • His codename, Blanca, comes from the nickname he used to call his wife with, as she came from the White Russia (the eastern part of present-day Belarus).
  • Blanca is close to Blanco if he had an "O" at the end, then his name would mean White in Spanish.
  • KGB was a main security agency for the Soviet Union.

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