• S3r0-Ph1i

    A blog entry to detail and discuss how effective Banana Fish is at generating tension from a storytelling perspective seems good!

    Beginning with gang warfare involving not just weapons like knives but firearms that can burst in at any time is certainly startling. The world everyone finds themselves in where close friends and even strangers are kidnapped to lure in the people they want more so.

    It is not just limited to gangs but the link to mafia connections is a part of the environment. It’s something terrible where this gang and mafia life is both a worst thing but also the only thing to turn to which has haunting real life connotations.

    That is all just for the first episode! Banana Fish then proceeds to ramp up the stakes several notches …

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  • Ephaporia

    For me, my favorite Asheiji moments are

    • their first meeting (ep. 1),
    • Eiji covers Ash's wound with his ripped clothes (ep. 2),
    • Eiji pole vaults which amazed Ash (also his eye being screen to show the reflection on his green eye) (ep.2)
    • Eiji visits Ash in the hospital room (ep.2),
    • KISS SCENE!!! (ep. 3)
    • Ash teaches Eiji how to shoot with a gun (ep. 6)
    • Ash saves Eiji (ep. 10)
    • Ash-Eiji talk heart to heart and Eiji comforts Ash (ep. 11)
    • Ash tries Japanese (disgusting) healthy food with Eiji (ep.12)
    • Ash and Eiji talk about leopard (ep.13)
    • Everything about ASHEIJI on new OP
    • Ash and Eiji hug each other (ep.17)
    • Eiji acts as housewife to Ash (ep. 18)
    • Ash hugs Eiji from getting shot (ep.18)
    • Eiji offers Ash to go to Japan with him and discuss about Izumo (ep.18)
    • Eiji …
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  • Ephaporia

    Please give a comment about the song that suitable for Ash and Eiji in every moments both in happy, calm, and also sad or maybe gritty. Also write the reason why do you choose the song based on the moments in anime/manga.

    For me, the songs that suitable for them are:

    1. Sheryl Sheinafia - Fix You Up

    This song very suitable for Eiji who always besides Ash and always fixes Ash up after the incidents. Maybe example in episode 11 where Eiji says to Ash to always by his side. Maybe many some radiant and calm moments between Eiji and Ash. This song is very catchy for Eiji's loyality toward Ash.

    2. Carrie Underwood - Just A Dream (spoiler)

    I know that this song is not so so suitable with the event of Banana Fish. But at least maybe thus song very pict…

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  • DragonKestrel

    Who is this?!?!

    September 15, 2018 by DragonKestrel

    In this blog post we talk and make predictions about this mystery character in the series. My prediction is that this is Blanca. Answer will be revealed soon, so I will wait for your guy's answers and opinions in the comments on what you think this mystery character is.

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  • DragonKestrel

    You can leave a comment down below on your thoughts about the show, manga, music, etc.

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  • S3r0-Ph1i

    Banana Fish was first published in 1985 and has thankfully returned with an incredibly made anime! Not only that, the manga is being reprinted to share with everyone this deep and meaningful series.

    All over using this blog to state that the manga can be bought from Viz Media , and remind anyone and everyone to watch the series legally of course. Why stop there, when we can procure all the Banana Fish related content, as that is the best way to support a series! That is as important than ever, more so now with this masterpiece that’s been unleashed once more.

    Cannot praise Banana Fish enough, so remember to share the word about the series here and elsewhere and discuss what is great about it! Word of mouth and sharing are always good methods…

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