Cain Blood is a character in the Banana Fish series, as well as the leader of Black Sabbath, an African American gang that controls Harlem. Though initially neutral, he later allies with Ash in his battles against Arthur and Golzine.

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Cain is a black American man, seemingly an older teen or young adult, although he has no apparent canon age. He has dark, short curly hair that is shaved around the sides, and he has tattoos on his right arm and the right side of his chest, but these tattoos are often not visible or forgotten in animation errors. He wears a ripped jean shirt with no sleeves and a popped collar, along with gold stud earrings and sunglasses.

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As the leader of Black Sabbath, Cain appears to be highly defensive and is very outspoken, but this doesn't keep him from remaining confident and cool; rather, it gives him a sense of protective warmth that the other gang leaders lack. He plays a sort of "protective big brother" role as the story progresses, especially towards Ash and Sing.

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He rates Arthur lesser than Ash on account that he came with his subordinates to interact with him whilst Ash came alone.

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