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Sing Soo-Ling is the current leader of the Chinatown mafia, the younger half-brother of Lao Yen Tai and a character in Banana Fish.



Sing is a short young man with short black hair and dark eyes. His usual attire is a tank top tucked into jeans with a belt. He has a slender build and is younger looking than most others, standing as the second youngest character beside Ash as being a gang leader.


Sing is determined and ambitious, a good leader and genuine person. He is very loyal and smart, being able to think things through logically while keeping his kind nature at heart. Sing is not afraid to speak his mind and tell others what he thinks, this being to the annoyance of some. He is one of the more compassionate characters, being shown to show concern for the well-being of people he doesn't like, or even personally know. He acts tough, having to, being the leader of Chinatown, but at heart he's still childlike and carefree. Sin may be only fourteen years old, but don't let his looks fool you. He is extremely intelligent and cunning, as well as a skilled fighter. Ash is the only person who has ever survived Sin's attack with his deadly weapon, the 'Flying Dragon Fang.' Sin is also pretty arrogant, although he never hesitates to admit defeat when he feels that he has truly lost a battle.

History Edit

Sing Soo-Ling was forced into becoming the new boss of Chinatown's turf after Shorter left.

Story Edit

With Shorter gone, he assumes the leadership position and once a rival gang state that they do not want war, he arranges for a plan to rescue him.

Relationships Edit

Shorter Wong Edit

The two are never shown in a scene together, but it is implied that they were close. Sing expresses a great deal of anger and frustration about Shorter's death, and is persistent in wanting to know the truth about how he was killed.

Lao Yen Tai Edit

Sing doesn't like him much. By Episode 10 Sing decides to join with Yut-Lung after Ash Lynx killed Shorter Wong who was infected with the Banana Fish drug, in order to save Eiji.

Ash Lynx Edit

His first view of Ash was as an enemy, only knowing that Ash was the one who shot Shorter but not knowing the reason behind it. In their first encounter, they fought with each other, where Sing lost and left the fight. Over time and after discovering the real reason of why Ash had to kill Shorter, the two become allies. Sing is shown to admire and have a lot of respect for Ash, he trusts him and acknowledges him as a good leader. In Garden of Light, Sing describes Ash as "so beautiful you could hardly believe it."

Eiji Okumura Edit

Though they met in complicated situations, Sing and Eiji were very quick to become friends. Sing rescued Eiji from some street thugs and took him back to his hideout (tucking him into bed) after he had collapsed. [1] His trust in Eiji increased when Eiji told Sing about Banana Fish and the truth revolving Shorter's death. They work together many times throughout the manga and Sing is shown to genuinely care for Eiji's well-being. In Garden of Light, Sing has his own room in Eiji's apartment. They have shown to have become extremely close, having strong connection over the event's of Ash's death. It is implied that Sing may have developed some feelings for Eiji over time, or he may be keeping close over lingering feelings of guilt.

Yut-Lung Edit

Though never having met, he at once complies with Yut's request that he abruptly leave with him via helicopter on account of his family affiliation. He considers Yut to be similar to Ash in some ways, but is aware of his reputation as a particularly poisonous snake.

Blanca Edit

He first meets Blanca and instantly notices his huge height compared to him, and tells him to move, he is blocking out the sun.

Cain Blood Edit

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Sing carries around a weapon called the 'Flying Dragon Fang' that wraps and stabs it's victims. <gallery>

Sing holds the victim with his Flying Dragon Fang
Sing&#039;s Flying Dragon Fang wraps around the victim


"1" ― 2[source]


  • His name means 'demon', 'lion' or 'guilt' [2]
  • He demonstrates great intellect in understanding that white people only eat ketchup and vitamins [3]


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