Yut-Lung (known as Lee Yue-Lung, English name Yousiss Dawson) (李月龍, Rī Yuerun) is one of the main antagonists of the series and the youngest son of the Lee family, the largest crime family in China.

Possessing an encyclopedic knowledge of herbs and poisons, he allies with Golzine to determine the chemical composition of Banana Fish. Yut-Lung possesses a deep grudge towards his brothers, who raped and murdered his concubine mother, and eventually violently deposes them.

He is hostile towards Ash and Eiji and frequently attempts to capture and murder the latter in Banana Fish .



Yut-Lung has long black hair that is braided into a sort of pony tail near the neck and sometimes being draped in the front. He has black eyes and has often been mistaken for a woman because of his appearance. He also has a dragon tattoo along his neck, but by Episode 12 To Have and Have Not the tattoo is shown to be gone. Then the tattoo comes back in Episode 19 Ice Palace.


Yut-Lung is most of the time quiet and stoic. Although he presents himself usually politely and harmless, he's in fact cold-hearted, ruthless, calculating and deeply resentful. The cruel death of his mother which he witnessed himself along the fact his family views him with very little regard, has left him not only thirsty for vengeance but also devoid of any form of love for most of his life, as hatred is his primary motivator.

Because of this he has no qualms about using Banana Fish on his brothers and even have them executed. Yut-Lung's most recurring trait is his deep loathing for Eiji, which he goes on to say comes as "natural" as the desire of others to protect Eiji. At the same times he believes him and Ash are alike due to their similar upbringings and has at many times attacked and even tried to kill Eiji.

It is likely that Yut-Lung resents Ash and Eiji's close relationship for they can care for each other unconditionally, something Yut-Lung is unable to understand as he was surprised when Ash was ready to commit suicide in order to save himself. Yut-Lung's many attempts on the duo are symbolic for Eiji is the opposite of Yut-Lung as someone raised with love and whom people love, while Ash unlike Yut-Lung is not purely motivated by hatred like him, for Ash has people he cares and care about him, while Yut-Lung does not.

Despite his flaws, Yut-Lung is not completely devoid of morality for he too was horrified by Shorter's fate later on.

Yut-Lung's demeanor and his fondness for wine, may seem like he's over eighteen, but he's only sixteen years old.

While Yut-Lung does these bad things, he still has shown a rather kind side to him. For example, when Ash had thrown a knife at Blanca and it had gone into his arm, Yut-Lung had also been tossed down a flight of steps and still brushed it off, asking if Blanca was okay. He also helped to free Ash and even if that was for his own plan, he still gave him ointment for his wounds, which he did not have to do.

History Edit

The youngest of seven children, his parents died when he was six at which point he lived with his aunt and uncle. His school recommended that he enter the Dawson household as a member of staff before being formally adopted by the family. At sixteen, he graduated East Bridge Senior High earning a scholarship to study computer science.[1] Later, he mentions that his brothers killed his mom and that his time will come to destroy them at all costs from being scorned and condemned.[2]

Story Edit

He bails both Sing and Eiji from prison, though in Eiji’s case it is to keep him confined to his house.

Relationships Edit

Ash LynxEdit

Later he considers himself and Ash to be like Yin and Yang.

Eiji Okumura Edit

Yut is shown to have a liking towards Eiji and also a hatred. The latter stems from believing he will drag Ash down, and after he is kidnapped by him. He also hates Eiji because of how much he means to Ash, seeing him as an undesirable weakness. However, it's implied that he also craves to have that sort of connection with someone.

Shorter Wong Edit

He was under the impression that their Chinese ties would be enough to get Shorter to co-operate with his plan. Yut uses Shorter's sister as leverage to ensure Shorter's participation and appears to see him as a means to an end to carry out the kidnapping at hand.

Sing Soo-Ling Edit

Recognising Sing at Golzine’s manor, he approached him and simply told him to come with him. With Yut’s family connections and Sing’s gang at risk, he obliged.

Blanca Edit

He employs Blanca into his service after his contract with Golzine had been completed.

Lee Wang Lung Edit

Lee Hua Lung Edit


Etymology Edit

Yut's name is known as "The Dragon Moon" that swallows the darkness.

Equipment Edit


Yut Lung carries anaesthetic needles with him. He pulls a needle out and proceeds while aiming for his victims neck. Making them turn into a "Doll like" state. The anaesthetic varies, two examples of which are Shunichi Ibe not being able to move but can still hear and see, while Eiji Okumura can't see, hear, and move. Sometimes the needles can remove the "Doll like" state, but makes the victims muscles numb, as shown by Eiji Okumura recovering.

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  • "A bloody history is inevitable when you are the ruling clan"
  • (To Sing) "What's wrong? You hated him, right? Guess what? So do I"
  • (To Eiji) "No need to glare. I won't eat you up."
  • (To Eiji) "There's nothing you can do to help Ash."
  • (To Eiji) "And what can you do to help him?"
  • (To Eiji) "You really irritate me."
  • (To Eiji) "You want people to protect you, like with Ash, or make them want to tear you apart and crush you."
  • (To Eiji) "So, what to do with you now."
  • (To Eiji sleeping) "I heard you tried to escape again. You have some spunk."
  • "Nothing is born from history"[3]
  • (Yut to Ash regarding Blanca and Eiji) “We have hired him, his target is your friend”[4]


  • Yut-Lung has been compared to a snake a few times in the story.
  • Yut-Lung is the Chinese herbalist from hell

References Edit

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